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Sunday, October 23, 2011

KL Festival City

ada shoppingmall br buka sekitar rumah aku..
tkde la dekat sgt mcm JUSCO SETIAWANGSA bole jln kaki je
tp ni kena naik kete la...kiranye dlm 10-15 minit je...kira dekat jugak la
xsilap aku br je buka 3 hari lps iaitu 20 Oktober 2011
ada cinema gk tp MBO Cineplex..kalo TGV or GSC best gk
cz xpernh lg tgk wyg kt MBO ni
tp tk sure dh operasi ke blum or still under contruction
ada saper2 yg dh terjah KL Festival City

About KL Festival City

KL Festival City offers a complete lifestyle experience for the cosmopolitan taste of today’s discerning shoppers from alfresco dining to convenient lifestyle shopping. Showcasing over 200 shops from shopping, dining to entertainment, KL Festival City is anchored by three major tenants – Parkson Department Store, Econsave Supermarket and MBO Cineplex. The shopping mall offers modern amenities such as baby nursing rooms, surau, interactive directories, complimentary wireless Internet and a wide range of customer services to make your shopping trip a pleasant one. KL Festival City is also a disabled friendly mall providing access ramp facility for wheelchairs and disabled friendly restroom on every floor to cater to these special needs. With so much to offer, let KL Festival City puts a smile on your face for an enjoyable shopping experience!


Highly visible to commuters, KL Festival City is strategically located at the junction of Jalan Genting Kelang and Jalan Taman Ibu Kota. The mall can also be easily accessed from key highways, such as DUKE and MRR2. .

**tkyh pegi shopping jauh2 kt town dh
cz sekitar umh dh ada byk shopping mall
antaranye Jusco Setiawangsa, Jusco WangsaMaju, WangsaWalk 
dan terkini KL Festival City
tp byk2 shopping mall ...JUSCO tetap di hati:)


  1. teringin nak pegi sini :) me suka gak jln2 kat parkson.. :)

  2. nak try g gak jauh plak dari Kajang..

  3. byk mall baru2 nk tumbuh,tp kekangan mase nk pegi,cewahhh,dan kekangan $$ ;p

  4. owh...dah bukak ye mall nie? selalu lalu sini tapi still under construction

    bolehlah pegi nanti...


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